These Are The 11 Latest Ways To Have Sex, Must Try Once


Mumbai : Sex plays an important role in human needs. Many people have many questions about sex, but no one wants to talk about sex openly. But, there are many celebrities who have publicly exposed the matter inside the bedroom. Today we are going to tell you many ways, with the help of which you can make sex even more exciting.

Rainbow Kiss – Do not go after its name. Rainbow is a kiss when a man makes a relationship with a woman undergoing a period.

Pearl Necklace – If you are thinking that you have to gift necklace to prepare your partner for sex, then you are wrong. In fact, in this technique the man makes necklaces around the neck of the woman with his sperm.

Shrimping – In shrimping, the partner sucks your toes and then you do the same. Some people like to do this when other people may find it strange.

Felching – If you think about what useless thing Rainbow is, then it is even more strange. Felching means reaching the orgasm from female anal.

Snow Bowling – Women have oral sex in this mode of sex. When a man has an orgasm, he enjoys it. Now there is probably no need to tell more than this.

Stealthing – In this method the male removes his condom during sex without telling the woman. Such things should be ignored to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Bukkake –
 This technique is particularly popular in Japanese porn movies. In this type of sex, women enjoy male sperm on their face.

Tea Bagging –
 This does not mean tea bags with tea. But it is something like that. In this, men and women enjoy oral sex. This session is quite steamy so it is probably called teabagging.

Golden Shower –
 You may have heard of the cuffing (removal of air or water from the vagina) that occurs during sex. But this is the next step. This is a water sport in which you have to drink partner’s urine during sex.

Truffle Butter –
 This is a weird sex method. When the liquid comes out after the women reach the orgasm, it is called truffle butter.

Pegging – In this method, the woman has anal sex with the male by wearing a sex toy like artificial penis.

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