Maharashtra Man Made Gold Mask For Protection From Corona, Price Of One Mask Is Shocking!


Mumbai : Masks have become an important part of life in the era of the coronavirus epidemic. It is necessary to wear masks everywhere, at home or outside, and it is a safe way to stay protected from corona. Masks have also come in different types of designs in the market, but have you ever thought that there will be a mask that will be made entirely of gold? But it is true that even a gold mask can be made and a man in Maharashtra has made the gold mask.

Price is around 3 lakh rupees
Shankar Kurade, popularly known as Goldman, has made a gold mask to protect him from the corona. The price of this mask is around three lakh rupees (2.89 lakh rupees). Shankar Kurade is very fond of gold and wears about three kilos of gold all over his body, including a gold ring on the ten fingers of his hand, a thick bracelet, a thick chain of gold around his neck. Shankar explains, ‘It is a thin mask that has some holes so that there is no difficulty in breathing. I don’t know how effective this mask will be. ‘ This mask is also being called India’s most expensive mask.

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