BCCI to Review IPL Sponsorship Next Week


The cricket world includes a sequence that happens everywhere and we know it by the name of IPL – Indian Premier League that cricket lovers enjoy a bit more than the normal matches. 

Now, IPL team is formed with many people sponsoring it and because 2020 is a difficult year, there are many obstacles that the sponsors, as well as the team, is facing because the IPL that was planned to happen in the April month is now postponed and no-one knows when it will happen again. 

However, on Friday the BCCI stated that the time has arrived when the sponsorship deals must be reviewed and the BCCI is now ready to review all kinds of deals including a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company Vivo. 

Discussion to be Covered in BCCI Meeting

This meeting is scheduled next week and in this, all the sponsorships will be reviewed that are originating from China to date. This meeting is scheduled by keeping the 20 Javans in mind who got martyred in the violence that happened a few days back in the Galwan Valley. 

Another information that has been recovered by the sources also stated that when all the governing bodies of the Indian Premier League will come in unity, then the other sponsors of IPL such as Paytm, Dream XI, and all Chinese organizations having a minor stake will be reviewed again. 

A source of BCCI said that “It is true that in some of the IPL sponsors, additional funding has been observed which is a part of expansion plans that come directly from China”. All these points will be covered in the next meeting. 

India is coming forward with a proposal of boycotting China products and keeping in mind, Dhumal stated that he is ready to see the ban on Chinese products as the country must remain at the top no matter what. 

He also said that “Till the moment Chinese products are sold in our country and they are making money from our consumers, why should that money move out of the country? This is my concern that I am going through right now”.

Apart from this, he also said that it will be a happy moment for us if the board decides to roll back Chinese sponsorships. No-one can take this decision instantly; we need to wait until the meeting gets over.

Wrapping Up

Cricket is one of the most superior and favorite games played in the country. Though hockey is the national game of India, people are more in love with cricket. And every single fan is upset because of the cancelation of the IPL.

But soon everything will be fine as we say the difficult time is temporary. Once again, we will be able to see our favorite players on the ground, and tickets to see them on the ground will be sold.

Today, all we can do is stay at our home and pray for this coronavirus to blow soon. Stay tuned for more cricket news. 

Source: bdmcricketindia.in

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