Big Relief For Indian Students in US, Donald Trump Again Changed Visa Rules For International Students


New York : US President Donald Trump has changed visa-related regulations again, giving relief to international students. This month, the Trump administration had asked foreign students pursuing online education to leave the US. Which was strongly opposed by many states and universities. Facing pressure, Donald Trump on Tuesday decided to reinstate the visa.

Under the new guidelines, the US administration ordered all foreign students to leave the US if schools and colleges held all classes online. According to the news agency AP, 8 federal governments had filed a lawsuit against this decision, while many universities also came out openly against this decision of the government. The government made this announcement when a hearing was to begin in a Boston court. The case was filed by Howard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT. US District Judge Alison Burrow said the federal immigration authority agreed to implement the old system.

This decision of the government had the biggest impact on India, China and other Asian countries. Most students from India go to America every year to study in the top universities of America. However, the government has not yet changed the rules for H1B visas. The ban on other types of visas continues till the end of this year

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