Ambulance Driver Who Has Taken Sushant Singh Rajput Body from his residence to the hospital Have Been Receiving Threat Calls

Mumbai: With abusive and threat calls, two brothers who ran the ambulance service in which Sushant Singh Rajput’s body was taken from his residence to the hospital have threatened and have been receiving up to 300 abusive calls every day. Callers have been accusing the brothers of having killed the actor, claiming that he was alive when he was put inside the ambulance and was strangled to death by them.

Brothers Akshay and Vishal provide the ambulance service to various hospitals in the city. Vishal said the threat calls have been coming for a month. “The callers allege that when Sushant was brought into the ambulance, he was alive. And that we strangled him to death. You will also be killed, god will punish you, they tell us on phone,” Vishal said.
The brothers have four ambulances as part of their service and four contact numbers displayed on them. “Calls keep coming on every number. The calls seem to be coming from all over the country. Sometimes even international numbers are displayed. The callers use extremely foul language,” Vishal said.

Vishal said that on June 14, he received a call requesting an ambulance and Akshay drove an ambulance to Sushant’s Bandra residence. The actor’s body was kept on his bed and Akshay, along with the ambulance personnel, brought it down and placed it on the stretcher that was to be placed inside. However, a wheel in the stretcher malfunctioned and they were not able to place the stretcher inside, so another ambulance was rushed to the spot. Akshay drove Sushant’s body in this second ambulance to the hospital.
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