Why Karanataka Among Lowest Covid Mortality Rates In India? Here You Need To Know About

Bengaluru: Karnataka’s Covid mortality rate per million population is the lowest among major metros in the country, said a Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar on Tuesday. It is satisfying that mortality rate in Karnataka and Bengaluru is better as compared to other states and metro cities.
With 39 fatalities per million population, Sudhakar said the state’s mortality rate is one-fifth of Delhi and one-third of Maharashtra. Per million, Maharashtra recorded 129 deaths and Delhi 202 while it is 56 for Tamil Nadu, compared to Karnataka’s 39.
‘Delhi records five times and Maharashtra three times more than Karnataka in Covid deaths per million population,’ observed Sudhakar. Juxtaposing Bengaluru’s mortality rate with other metropolitan cities in India, Sudhakar said the city has the lowest rate.
Reasons Behind Lowest Mortality Rates:
1) Real-time update of availability of beds in different hospitals, the number of patients on ventilators, how many patients got cured and have been discharged, etc. all this data are in track record.
2) The Deputy CM also insisted on conducting compulsory Covid-19 tests in SARI/ILI (severe acute respiratory infections/influenza like illness) cases, and directed the officials to increase the number of Covid-19 tests being done from time to time.
3) The minister also instructed officials to intervene immediately and resolve the issue. Strict action will be initiated against medical officers for any  negligence in handling cases.
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