Government’s Mega Plan Ready For Rural Areas, 1.5 lakh Kilometers’ New Roads Will Be Built


New Delhi : The central government has prepared a mega plan to construct 1 lakh 50 thousand kilometers of new roads in rural areas of the country. For this, there is a plan to spend a huge amount of 1.30 lakh crores. In fact, the government has made a road-map to launch the fourth phase (PMGSY-4) of Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana in the financial year 2021-22. In Phase-IV, the government will provide all weather road connectivity in the next seven years (2027-28) in small settlements and villages in the plains and hill states, where there are no concrete roads yet. This includes Jammu and Kashmir and Leh-Ladakh, including the northeastern states. Their number is more than 50 thousand.

According to the reports, the Ministry of Rural Development has forwarded the PMGSY-4 proposal to NITI Aayog and other related ministries on 30 July. It mentions that under PMGSY-3, 98.5% work of connecting villages with more than 500 population has been completed. Therefore, the government has planned to implement Phase-IV to provide connectivity to All villages and small villages with populations of 250 or less.

According to the documents, the approval process of PMGSY-4 will be completed in the financial year 2020-21, which will enable Phase-4 to be launched in the upcoming financial year 2021-22. With this, the detailed project report and road construction work will be started. The phase-4 plan is targeted to be completed by 2027-28. In Phase-4, 48130 habitation and villages will be connected to All Weather Road, where paved roads are not yet built. Apart from this, 2158 habitations left in Phase-3 due to lack of land or environmental clearance will be included in Phase-4. In this way, 1 lakh 50 thousand kilometers of new roads will be built to connect 50 thousand habitations with All Weather Road.

In Phase-4, there are plans to renovate 30 thousand kilometers of roads and bridges built under PMGSY in the year 2000. The said roads and bridges have become dilapidated in ten years. Repair work is necessary to maintain road connectivity in villages, especially in hilly areas. In this way, 1.80 lakh km of roads will be built in Phase-4. In the plain states, the central government will have to spend 60 per cent and the state government 40 per cent. Centers in the Northeast, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh will spend 90% and 10% of the state. The Center will spend 100 percent of the money in Jammu and Kashmir and Leh Ladakh.

Under Phase-4, 3136 km of new roads will be built in UP. Roads will be constructed 67 km in Uttarakhand, 16032 km in Bihar, 1916 km in Jharkhand, 32 km in Arunachal, 11,576 km in Amas, 185 km in Jammu and Kashmir.

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