‘No Evidence Of Corona Infection Spreading From Frozen Chicken’, WHO Denies China’s Claim


Beijing : The World Health Organization (WHO) has rejected China’s claim that the frozen chicken wings sent from Brazil were found to be corona infected. The WHO said that as of now there is no evidence of corona infection spreading for packed or frozen food, so people should not be afraid to use it. China claimed last week that lobster fish sent from Ecuador in Yantai City were also found infected, although clear evidence for this has not yet been shared.

Mike Ryan, head of the WHO’s emergency program, said that people have no reason to panic about food items, whether they are packed or frozen. We have not found any evidence that the coronavirus is spreading from frozen food. People should not worry about this. There is no evidence that the virus has been transmitted through the food chain, people can use these food items comfortably. WHO epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhov said it is difficult to trust China’s claim. They examined thousands of packets of frozen food and found barely 10 of them infected, the number being so low that it cannot be ignored.

On the other hand, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture has also expressed doubt on China’s claim that clarification and evidence related to this claim has been sought from the Chinese government. On the other hand, Ecuador’s production minister Ivan Ontaneda has said that we follow very strict rules and discipline in the case of frozen food. After leaving the country, we cannot take responsibility for what happens to those products.

On the other hand, according to the Chinese media, the Local Disease Control Center (CDC) of Shenzhen had taken a sample of chicken sent from Brazil during regular investigation. On investigation, the report came positive. Officials said on Thursday that some people and other products that came in contact with the infected chicken were also investigated, but their report has come negative. The Shenzhen CDC has advised caution in eating food products from other countries. In June, there were cases of infection in China’s capital Beijing’s Xinfadi Seafood Market. Since then, the government is taking samples of all food products and getting them corona tested.

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