Who’s Going to Win the 2020 IPL?


When it comes to popular sports in India, cricket tops the list. With the 2020 IPL about to begin, the sport’s popularity is on the rise as cricket fans all over the world are getting ready to watch one of the most popular leagues.

Cricket is an exciting sport and India has some great players. The teams that take part in this year’s league have been working hard and just like the players, can’t wait to get on the pitch. It’s difficult to pinpoint what’s going to happen and who’s going to turn out on top.

The IPL Is a Busy Time for Players, Sportsbooks and Other Paytm Casinos

All the time and effort that went into training is crucial for making it to the finals and taking the trophy. The players have to clash with other teams and prove that they’re worthy of the title. Just like in any other sport, fans of cricket like to place bets on matches.

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Final Preparations and 2020 IPL Predictions

The teams have been training hard for some time now so they’re eager to get their game on. The league will begin on the 19th of September and will last until the 10th of November. All of the participants are in their final stage of preparation.

If you look back on the 2019 IPL, you’ll remember that it was the Mumbai Indians that took the trophy home. They were up against the Chennai Super Kings and managed to snatch a victory by a single run. In the end, they were better than the runner up which is why they have four IPL titles.

Naturally, there were other players deserving to be rewarded for their skills in the league. One such player was David Warner who won the Orange Cap for his 692 runs. Kolkata Knight Riders’ Shubman Gill received the Emerging Player award. Among others, Imran Tahir of the Chennai Super Kings got the Purple Cap for being the best wicket-taker of them all with his 26 wickets.

So what awaits cricket fans this year? Who will win the IPL? Just like every other year, there are favorites. The Mumbai Indians have 4 titles so far and they have been working hard in the past few months which is why they might get the fifth one. They have been known for their rivalry with the Chennai Super Kings and have clashed 3 times with them in the finale.

That’s why the Chennai Super Kings are another favorite for winning the IPL. Just like their rivals, they have also worked hard and will be doing their best to get other titles. However, they will be starting out with one player less. Suresh Raina is the player in question. He’s one of the best players in the team but because of personal reasons has decided not to take part in the tournament. Surely, the team has other great players that its coach will use and overcome this setback.


Another team that’s also a favorite is the Hyderabad Sunrises. The other teams on the list would also love to get a title and they’ve done more than wish for it. All of them have gone through rigorous training just to have a shot at the title. In other words, there are many contenders for the 2020 IPL title. Perhaps the favorites will disappoint and someone else will take the title. On the other hand, one of the favorites might win. With hard-working teams like these everything’s possible so cricket fans all over the globe will just have to wait and see.


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