Mumbai: Local trains for everyone soon, state government hints


Mumbai : The local train known as Mumbai’s lifeline has been closed for the last eight months due to the outbreak of coronavirus. At present, only a few people, including those working in the emergency services, are allowed to travel on the Mumbai local. There is a demand from all levels to start the local as soon as possible. The decision to start Mumbai Local for all will be taken in the next few days, tweeted Vijay Vadettiwar, Minister for Relief and Rehabilitation. Vadettivar tweeted while answering a passenger’s question.

One passenger tweeted, “Earlier women were allowed to travel by local, now lawyers are also allowed. Then why not professionals, employees and common people? Denying travel on Diwali is a great injustice.”

Replying to a passenger’s question, Vijay Vadettiwar tweeted, “We will decide to start a local for all in the next few days. This has been discussed and Mumbaikars will soon be relieved.

Passengers are facing major problems as Mumbai Local is currently closed. Similarly, there is a demand from many levels to start the local as soon as possible. Therefore, all eyes are on when the government will take a positive decision regarding Mumbai local and start service for all. Similarly, Vadettivar’s reply to the passenger’s tweet is said to be a sign that the local will start soon.

In addition to those working in the essential services, teachers are also allowed to travel by local. Of course this permission is allowed to travel during non-peak hours, that is, during the rest of the time except during peak hours.

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