Who created the Arogya Setu App? Government doesn’t know, RTI body issues notice


New Delhi : Terming the Arogya Setu App as a necessary tool from the government for tracing corona infections, it was considered a major weapon against the coronavirus. Millions of Indians downloaded this app on their mobiles. But now, suspense has arisen on who made this app.

On one hand, while it has been said in the Arogya Setu website that it has been prepared by the National Informatics Center and the Information Technology Ministry, on the other hand, under the Right to Information, both have denied this. According to the media report, the Central Information Commission has issued a notice to the government about the lack of information on the creation of the Arogya Setu App.

The apex RTI body said in the notice – “It is not acceptable to argue that there is no information from the authorities.” It said- “Any Chief Public Information Officers were unable to answer who developed the app, where its files are and it is very ludicrous.”

The concerned department has been asked by the Central Information Commission (CIC) to appear to the concerned departments on 24 November. In fact, social activist Saurabh Das had complained to the Information Commission that many ministries failed to answer about who created the Arogya Setu App. He sought details such as the original details of the app’s proposal, its approval details, the copies of communication between the companies involved, individuals and government departments and the people involved in developing the application.

For about two months, these questions were sent to different departments. The National Informatic Center then allegedly stated that “no file is with NIC for the development of the Arogya Setu App”. The Ministry of Information Technology referred these questions to the National e-Governance Division, which said- the information sought is not related to our Division.

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