Baramati: Police Station in-charge puts up board saying ‘all work done here is free of cost’


Pune: If you happen to visit Baramati City Police Station anytime soon, you will be welcomed with an unusual board. This board says ‘all work done here is free of cost’. This board put up in the police station has now become the talk of the town.

Police Inspector Namdev Shinde recently took charge of the Baramati City Police Station. The first thing he did was to do away with the fear in peoples mind about corrupt police personnel. He has changed the way the police station officers conducted themselves while on duty in order to bring transparency in the day-to-day functioning. Amongst the first few things he did was put this board in his office and instil confidence in people about police.
The board which is written in Marathi says, “It is illegal to give and take bribes. All work done in Baramati City police station is free of cost. In case of any complaint contact on 8983096777.”
Inspector Namdev Shinde says, “Citizens should feel confident that police are their friends. During any crises, citizens should demand help from police and in return citizens should help police to maintain law and order. If any police personnel, officer demands bribe from anyone then he or she should directly lodge a complaint.”

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