18 sued, including Google CEO Sundar Pichai over objectionable songs against PM Modi


New Delhi :  A case has been registered against 18 people including Google’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai, singer Vishal Ghazipuri and Sapna Buddhist in Bhelupur police station in Varanasi on charges of criminal conspiracy and intimidation. The action has been taken on the application of Gauriganj resident Girija Shankar Jaiswal by order of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate-3 of Varanasi.

According to the police, a video called ‘Desh Vikreta’ was forwarded in Girija Shankar Jaiswal’s WhatsApp group In this video, objectionable things were said about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In relation to the video, Jaiswal spoke to singer Vishal Ghazipuri aka Vishal Singh Badal about why he has done so.

If he has any complaint with the Prime Minister, then go to the Supreme Court and if you do wrong things, the administration will punish you. Regarding this, Vishal Ghazipuri, a resident of Vishunpura of Nonhra police station of Ghazipur, filed a lawsuit against him of giving death threats. With this, he also shared his number on YouTube.

After which about 8500 threatening calls came on Jaiswal’s phone. Girija Shankar said that Vishal and his colleagues have sung many other objectionable and indecent songs in connection with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a studio in Ghazipur.

Along with this, Vishal and his other companions make objectionable remarks regarding Hinduism and also demand extortion from people. The case was complained to the SSP but he did not hear the case and went to the court.

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