Delhi : Uttarakhand unit of Aam Aadmi Party has announced  after sweeping Delhi state assembly election that the party will contest on all 70 seats of Uttarakhand state assembly seats in 2022 election.

AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal admitted that at present AAP does not have a network in Uttarakhand, but he said that elections are fought against the expectation of the public and not the organization. If the hopes of the public are together and the intentions of the leaders are good, then it does not take long to form an organization. AAP did not even have an organization in Delhi, but within two years of the formation of the party, the AAP earned an image like Congress a hundred and fifty years old and a BJP-like party forty years old on its own.

Kejriwal said that in Delhi, the AAP party has been getting full support from the Uttarakhand population. Uttarakhand has seen the rejuvenation of schools and hospitals in the country’s capital. It is the population of Uttarakhand who requested that the AAP should enter the politics of Uttarakhand.

Apart from this, the migrants who returned to Uttarakhand from Delhi also felt that the AAP should come to the state for corona control and school improvement. Based on this feedback, AAP conducted a comprehensive survey in the state one and a half months ago, in which 62 percent people expressed their desire that AAP should participate in the Uttarakhand Assembly elections.

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