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Jalgaon: Policenama online  – ACB Trap News | The assistant police officer of Chopda rural police station in Jalgaon district was caught red-handedly by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for accepting the bribe of Rs 15,000 to return the bike caught in crime. The accused police officer has been identified as Shivaji Dhagu Baviskar (52). The ACB team conducted the operation on Friday, August 25 in Chopda city. (ACB Trap News)

A 32-year-old man from the Joyda in Shirpur taluka of Dhule district has lodged a complaint with Jalgaon ACB. The police stopped the motorcycle of the complainant’s cousin and his friend near Lasur village around 9 pm on Wednesday, August 23. The police falsely said that the accused was having marijuana with him. The police demanded Rs 30,000 from the relatives of the complainant at 4 in the morning, saying that if the marijuana and the motorcycle case has to be resolved then Rs 75,000 should be paid to us.

The accused police officer Shivaji Baviskar kept the motorcycle. He said that if you want to get the motorcycle you will have to pay Rs 20,000. On Thursday again the officer demanded Rs 20,00 from the complainant to cancel the case of marijuana and motorcycle. After bargaining it was decided that Rs 15,000 should be paid. The complainant complained about this to Jalgaon ACB. When the ACB team verified the panchayat, Shivaji Baviskar showed his readiness to accept a bribe of Rs 15,000 before the panchayat. Accordingly, Baviskar was caught red-handedly while accepting Rs 15,000. A case has been registered against Shivaji Baviskar at Chopra city police station.

The action has been taken under the guidance of superintendent of police Sharmistha Gharge-Walawalkar, additional superintendent of police Madhav Reddy, deputy superintendent of police Narendra Pawar, Suhas Deshmukh, police inspector Amol Walzade, NN Jadhav, assistant constable Dinesh Singh Patil, Suresh Patil, Balu Marathe, Rakesh Dusane, Ravindra Ghuge, Shaila Dhangar, Kishore Mahajan, Sunil Wankhede and done by the team of Pradeep Pol, Amol Suryavanashi, Pranesh Thakur and Sachin Chate.

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