Chhath festival ends with “Araghya” offered to rising Sun in Bihar


Patna, Nov 20 (UNI) Chhath, a festival of purity and piousness, ended on Monday, with millions of devotees offering “Araghya” to the rising Sun in Bihar. (Araghya)

The four-day Chhath festival ended with millions of devotees offering “Araghya” to the rising Sun on the banks of river Ganges and other rivers in Patna and the rest of the state. Devotees thronged the banks of the Ganga river and other rivers in the early morning to offer ” Araghya ” to rising Sun with all devotion.

Devotees, mostly women attired in traditional dresses, were also seen worshipping in various temples after offering “Araghya” to the rising Sun.

The state administration had made all required arrangements to ensure offering Araghya to the rising Sun, without difficulties by devotees.

According to state police headquarters, no untoward incident was reported from any part of the state during the festival.

Adequate deployment of security forces were made to maintain law and order during the festival. Strict vigil was maintained to keep the festival hassle-free for devotees and others during festivals.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had taken personal interest in monitoring the arrangements made for the Chhath festival. He, himself, had visited the site and also inspected locations ferrying on steamers in Ganga river, along with a battery of senior officials.

CM Kumar had also offered “Araghya” to the rising Sun at his official residence, 1 Anner Marg. Relatives of Kumar had observed the Chhath festival at his official residence. Both CM Kumar and Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar had greeted the people of Bihar on the occasion.

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