Devendra Fadnavis | Brahmin community never demands anything and this their uniqueness, says Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis
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NEW DELHI : Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis said that the Brahmin community never demands anything and this is their unique trait. He said Brahmins create a congenial atmosphere in society. Devendra Fadnavis was speaking at a programme held in New Delhi. It remains to be seen whether the statement made by Fadnavis would have any effect on Brahmin votes in Kasba Peth bypoll.


Fadnavis said, “I take part in many programmes and many orgnisations are involved in various activities. However, Brahmin organisations carry out maximum work. What is special that these organisations don’t make any demands.”


“The Brahmin community has always made contribution to society. We always give something. This tradition of contributing to society should continue and the next generation should be taught to contribute to society instead of demanding something. A beginning has been made in this direction,” Fadnavis said.


“The number of Brahmins may be less than the country’s population. However, they have an in-built quality. I always say that Brahmins play an important role in creating a congenial atmosphere in society,” he added.


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