Bus Accidents In Maharashtra | Technical changes made in buses causing accidents, say experts
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PUNE : Bus Accidents In Maharashtra | The frequent accidents on the Samruddhi Mahamarg have raised questions about road safety. Incidents of buses catching fire leading to accidents are increasing. Some technical changes made in the buses may be responsible for increasing mishaps. Experts claim that the installation of high powered lamps on the front side of the bus leads to short circuits which cause fire.


Mishaps are happening at regular intervals on the Samruddhi Mahamarg. Questions are being raised about the functioning of the transport department. It has come to light that RTOs are ignoring certain important things while granting certificates to them. In many buses, changes are made in the lighting system and the RTO is turning a blind eye towards it. It has become clear that despite frequent accidents due to breaking out of fire, the transport department is not taking this issue seriously.
Twenty five passengers died after flames engulfed the bus in which they were travelling on the Samruddhi Mahamarg.



Hence, it is being pointed out that fires are breaking out regularly in private buses. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, lamps of maximum seven watts can be installed on buses. In private buses, high capacity 20 to 25 watt halogen lamps are installed. Extra wiring is done to install high power lamps. If the wiring is faulty, then short circuits happen leading to mishaps, transport department sources said.


The Director of Three A Road Safety Foundation, Vijaykumar Duggal, had sent a letter on March 28 to Transport Commissioner Vivek Bhimanvar. Duggal had highlighted the increasing incidents of buses catching fire and the reasons. Duggal had also raised the issue of extra lighting arrangements in private buses.


“Many incidents of fire breaking out in buses due to short circuits are happening. On many buses, seven to eight extra lamps are installed. These are halogen lamps and extra wiring is done. If the wire is of a low quality, then short circuits happen leading to fire mishaps. Since passengers are sleeping at night, when such incidents happen, the severity of the incident increases.”
Vijaykumar Duggal, Director, Three A Road Safety Foundation


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