Chicken & Eggs Price Increased | Prices of chicken and eggs increase due to Ashadh


MANCHAR : Policenama online  – Chicken & Eggs Price Increased | Since the month of Ashadh has begun, the prices of eggs and chicken are increasing day by day. The hike in the prices has upset lovers of non veg food. Poultry farm owners are happy that eggs are fetching a good price. There is water scarcity at present. Since there is a lot of heat in broiler poultry farms, 15 to 20 hens are dying every day. Since there is a severe shortage, the lifting rate of broiler hens has increased and it has gone up to ₹129. (Chicken & Eggs Price Increased)


Chicken was being sold for ₹160 to ₹180 per kg a month ago and now, it is being sold at ₹220 to ₹240 per kg, said Isakh Shaikh of Khwaja Garib Nawaz Chicken Centre at Kalamb and wholesaler of broiler chicken at Ghodegaon Javed and Feroz Mistry. In Manchar town, there are differences in prices due to increased competition and chicken is being sold at ₹180 to ₹200 per kg. In Junnar, Khed and Shirur taluka, chicken is being sold at ₹220 to ₹240 per kg.


The market rates of eggs have increased and the price of 100 eggs have reached ₹600. As a result, in the retail market, an egg is being sold for ₹7. This has made poultry farmers very happy. There is a severe shortage of eggs in the market. Ambegaon Agro Company’s Shafibhai Momin, Pramod Hinge Patil of Urja Company and Prakash Valse Patil, a poultry farmer from Nirgudasar, said that the prices may hold steady during Ashadh.


Some time ago, due to the increase in the prices of soybean and corn, the pricing of eggs had been badly affected. Hence, many poultry farm owners have permanently shut their poultry farms, said Maruti Badhekar and Sagar Tapkir of Jarkarwadi Vaidwadi. There is a shortage in the market and the lifting price of broiler chicken has increased manifold in last few days and the prices of chicken have increased in the wholesale market, said Vaishali Vijay Thorat of Adarsh Women Poultry located at Chandoli Budruk.


Majority of poultry farms are closed due to water shortage leading to a shortage of Broiler chicken. Many poultry owners have installed sprinklers, foggers, fans and coolers in their farms which has increased their cost.


“The demand for hens and roosters have increased due to Ashadh. A local rooster will cost ₹600 to ₹700 and the price of hen is for ₹500,” said Yasimbhai Momin, a poultry farm owner at Shinoli.


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