Gangadham – Kondhwa Road Hilltop Hill Slope Zone | Area from Gangadham to Katraj Kondhwa road fast becoming hot spot
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Pune: Policenama online  – Gangadham – Kondhwa Road Hilltop Hill Slope Zone | The fire which broke out at a godown once has brought the issue of hundreds of illegal godowns built on the Gangadham To Katraj-Kondhwa Road hilltop hillslope, to the fore. Because of hundreds of illegal godowns which have been constructed with the connivance of civic officials and people’s representatives on an area of 10-12 acres, the area is becoming a hot spot and with the construction of new residential and commercial buildings, areas like Bibvewadi, Kondhwa, Katraj, Yevlewadi areas may experience water and transport problems in the future. (Gangadham – Kondhwa Road Hilltop Hill Slope Zone)


About 1.5 km from Market Yard, many godowns have been built on both sides of the road from Gangadham to Kondhwa. As per PMC’s DP, the area has been declared as hilltop-hillslope and no construction is permitted in the area. Still, in the last few years, hundreds of godowns have been built on the 10-12 hectare area. Unfortunately, the people’s representatives turned a blind eye when the godowns were being built.


The civic administration also did not pay attention to this issue. Apart from issuing notices and taking minor action, the PMC levied three times tax on thr godowns. The tax of some godowns has reached ₹50 lakh to ₹70 lakh. When the notices were issued, it created a flutter but due to the blessings of people’s representatives, everything is quiet now.
On the other hand, the civic administration and officials are working towards widening the road from Gangadham to Katraj/Kondhwa. A proposal to build a flyover at Gangadham Chowk on PPP basis with an expenditure of ₹105 crore and a subway has been sanctioned. A road (205) has been planned through the plot of the SRA scheme of Anand Nagar slums and the fate of slum residents hangs in the balance.


Residents of Gangadham Society have been facing a drinking water problem for a few years. In a few years, many housing and commercial projects are slated to come up between Gangadham and Kondhwa. Lakhs of litres of water will have to be supplied from tanks located at Bibvewadi, Upper Indira Nagar, Katraj and Kondhwa. This is going to affect residents of the area who have been staying here for many generations.


At present, despite the wide roads, there are huge traffic jams in the area. In the future, the traffic problem is going to get worse. This will affect residents of Kondhwa, Yevlewadi, katraj, Bibvewadi and Bibvewadi-Kondhwa road.


Illegal godowns, inadequate security system, narrow roads prevent fire tenders from reaching the spots where fire breaks out and because of this, the area is fast becoming a hot spot as seen from today’s fire incident.


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