Ahmedabad : Not only the country, scientists all over the world are looking for every ways to fight the corona virus. Meanwhile, Gujarat scientists have achieved a major success in the ongoing war against the Coronavirus. Scientists here have discovered the entire genome sequence of the coronavirus for the first time in the country.

Scientists at Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center (GBRC) have discovered the entire genome sequence of the coronavirus. GBRC director Chaitanya Joshi gave this information by tweeting. Later the Gujarat Chief Minister’s office also retweeted it and congratulated the scientists.






In the tweet by the Chief Minister’s Office of Gujarat, it is written that we are proud of the scientists of GBRC. The complete genome sequence of the coronavirus COVID-19, i.e. SARS-CoV-2, has been discovered in the laboratory of Indian state.







In the tweet, it is further written that genome sequence will reveal many important things about the origin of the corona virus, making drugs, developing vaccines, targeting the virus and eradicating the virus.

GBRC Director Chaitanya Joshi told that we have taken virus genes from the body of many coronavirus patients in Gujarat. After taking samples from many places, DNA test was done on about 100 samples. Then we got the success and have been able to find the whole genome sequence.

Chaitanya Joshi said that there have been 9 changes found in the coronavirus. It will be beneficial to find the corona vaccine. Also, it will help a lot to make Corona medicine.

Chaitanya Joshi said that mutations have been detected twice a month in the coronavirus. That is, the coronavirus is constantly changing itself. According to earlier research, the changes in the genome of the coronavirus are very minor.

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