Srinagar, Dec 28 (UNI)- The prominent literary organisation of Jammu and Kashmir, Adbi Markaz Kamraz, said on Thursday that the inclusion of Kashmiri in Microsoft Translate services was a great gift at the conclusion of 2023.

Microsoft recently expanded its language support with the addition of Kashmiri to Microsoft Translator, bringing the total number of supported Indian languages to 20.

“Deep appreciation and sincere thanks, with gratitude to Microsoft India@mstranlator and @Azure from Adbi Markaz Kamraz. The inclusion of Kashmiri, benefiting 7 million speakers, is monumental,” the AMK said in a post on X. It also extended their readiness to assist in further advancements.

Last month, AMK launched an online petition urging Google to incorporate the approved script Nastaliq for the Kashmiri language into its translation services.

The AMK said they were constantly approaching Google to include Kashmiri language in its Google Translate services and were hopeful of positive results.

“However, we believe that the inclusion of Kashmiri in Microsoft Translate services is a great achievement, which we, along with all the mother tongue (Kashmiri) lovers, whether individuals or groups, are celebrating as a great gift at the conclusion of the year 2023. We are hopeful that yet another celebration is waiting in the wings when our efforts to get the Kashmiri language included in Google Translate services succeed, hopefully in the coming year 2024,” Markaz said in its statement.

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