New Delhi: Instagram on Tuesday announced that its ‘Live Rooms’ feature, now has an ability to go Live with up to three additional people in India which help creators grow their audiences by going live with multiple guests.

The early tests for this feature were done in India and now India is one of the first countries to roll it out more broadly, the social media platform said.

Instagram Live gives people the ability to go live and create and connect virtually, and hence has seen diverse use cases this year.

“From the launch of Reels, to the testing and rollout of Live Rooms, India is playing a crucial role in the way products are being designed for the future,” Ajit Mohan, Vice President and Managing Director, Facebook India, said in a statement.

In March, Instagram Live views in India grew 60 per cent on a week-on-week basis. Now with the ability to go Live with up to three guests, creators have more opportunities to have conversations with their communities, and to expand their reach and use cases for Live, such as starting a talk show or a podcast, hosting a jam session etc.

“While Live Rooms will facilitate greater audience engagement, safety continues to be a focus and the existing safety measures will work on Live Rooms as well. There are built-in controls to keep the community safe,” the company said.

To use ‘Live Rooms’, users need to go live, tap the plus sign in the top left-hand corner of your stories tray or click the ‘Create’ plus icon in the top right of the home navigation bar.

To add guests to the live stream, the creators need to tap the Camera/Rooms icon.Then, they will see people that have requested to join them live. Users can also search for the guest’s name to send them a request to join live.

Users can add all three guests at one time, and they can also add guests at a later time.According to the company, the rollout for ‘Live Rooms’ has begun and will be available to everyone in India and Indonesia soon.

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