Pune: Indrani Balan Foundation will adopt more schools in Kashmir, says Punit Balan


Second anniversary of Dagger Parivar School celebrated with enthusiasm

Pune: Policenama online  – The second anniversary of ‘Dagger Parivar School’ for special children being operated by Indrani Balan Foundation and Chinar Corps in Baramulla area of Kashmir was celebrated with enthusiasm recently. Divyang children presented various cultural programmes and dances and mesmerised the audience. Young businessman and President of the foundation Punit Balan announced that more schools in Kashmir Valley would be adopted.

A school for Diyang children has been started through the initiative of Indrani Balan Foundation and Chinar Corps since 2021 in the terror-struck Baramulla district through the aegis of Dagger Parivar. At present, 103 children are studying in the school. The second anniversary of the school was celebrated recently. Punit Balan, RMD Foundation President Janhavi Dhariwal-Balan, Major General Rajesh Sethi of the 19th Infantry Division and many army officers and parents were present. The children presented various cultural programmes and dances and won the hearts of the audience.

Janhavi Dhariwal-Balan said, “In Kashmir, we have started 11 schools with the cooperation of the army. This is a school for special children. These children have more potential than normal children. The objective of the foundation is to make adequate opportunities available to these children. The children will make progress through this medium.”

Major General Rajesh Sethi said, “The army will be able to improve the facilities in these schools with the support of the Indrani Balan Foundation. Hence, the maximum number of children will be able to take advantage of facilities here and will get the opportunity to explore their talent.”

The parents praised the work of the Indian Army and Indrani Balan Foundation.

Punit Balan, President of Indrani Balan Foundation said, “A new generation in Kashmir is being sculpted in the schools being operated through the medium of Indrani Balan Foundation. Kashmiri children are talented. Although the children are being brought up in a terror-prone state, we are confident that some children will make our country proud. Hence, it is our endeavour to start new schools.”

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