Ketaki Chitale’ s FB post on Sharad Pawar: NCP leader Rupali Thombre Patil ridicules Chitale
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Pune :   Policenama online  – Actress Ketaki Chitale made a critical remark about NCP Chief Sharad Pawar on social media. Now, Chitale is being trolled and she has been criticised by many people. NCP leader Rupali Thombre Patil has reacted to the Facebook post of Ketaki Chitale.


The Facebook post of Ketaki Chitale says “Tuka mhane pawara, nako udvu tondacha favara aishi zhale aata urak, vat pahato narak, sagle padle urle sule, satra vela lal gale, samarthache kadhto map, te tar tuzhya bapachehi bap, brahmanancha tula matsar, konre tu macchar, bharla tuzha papghada, gap! Nahi tar hoil rada, khaun fukatcha ghabad, wakda zhala tuzha thobad, yala orbad tyala orbad, tu tar labadancha labad.”


Sharad Pawar had recited the poem of Jawahar Rathod which talks about the woes and pain of labourers. The BJP had criticised Pawar because he had said negative things about Hindu deities. The NCP had given a strong reply to BJP’s criticism. Ketaki Chitale has called Pawar a Brahmin hater. “Brahmanancha tula matsar, konre tu macchar,’’ said Chitale criticising Pawar by making a ‘below the belt’ remark.


NCP leader Rupali Thombre Patil has reacted by criticising Ketaki Chitale. “Chi Chi chavtalis bai tu, mahila asli tari chhaprich tu, sanskar nasleli Ketaki, itkishi kashi chavtalis, haramkhor vikruti, manorugna tula chaplene 100 marun 1 mojle pahije. Kashat na mashat, Ketkibai tamashat, lavkarach jangi chopachi garaj aahe hila, milnarch bai tula chop.’’ #sadki #Ketaki # Chitale

Web Title : Ketaki Chitale’ s FB post on Sharad Pawar: NCP leader Rupali Thombre Patil ridicules Chitale


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