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Around seven crore people in the country are fighting diabetes. That is why India is also called the Diabetes Capital of the world. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this disease is where the patient is very much required to keep his lifestyle right.

If you have diabetes, then type-2 diabetes can be kept away by making a slight change in lifestyle. Although different from an unhealthy lifestyle, there are many things that can trigger the & risk of the disease in the body. According to doctors, your blood group may also be one of these factors.

According to a study published in the European Association of Diabetologia in the year 2014, people o other blood group are more prone to type-2 diabetes than people in ‘O’ blood group.

About 80,000 women were included in a study to understand the connection between blood group and type-2 diabetes. Of this, a total of 3,553 women were found to be suffering from type-2 diabetes. The risk of developing this disease was seen in another blood group.

According to the study, the probability of having type-2 diabetes in women with ‘A’ blood group was 10 percent more than the women in the ‘O’ blood group. However, the biggest danger was seen only in women of the ‘B’ blood group.

According to the researchers, the relationship between diabetes and blood type is still a mystery. According to the study, a protein called non-Ville brand in the blood is more common in people of another blood group, which is seen by associating with blood sugar level.

Another study says that women are more at risk of getting this disease during their lifetime. Among women and men of 60 years who do not have diabetes, the risk of getting this disease is 38 and 28 percent respectively.

Fat people living in cities have also been warned in the report. Scientists say that 86 percent of obese men in the age group of 20 can have diabetes. While the risk of it in women is one percent more than men.

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