New Delhi : United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced to extend the lockdown until 1 June. Boris Johnson said on Sunday that the lockdown can not be end this week. In a message issued to the nation, Boris Johnson said that some primary schools and shops will be able to open from June 1. Also, some public places will be reopened from July 1. However, everyone will be required to wear a mask.

The first week of July was the deadline for opening public spaces. However, Boris took several important decisions in the wake of the economy getting back on track. He said that those who can work from home should do it but those who need to work outside can go out and work. Boris also told the people that they can exercise with their families in nearby parks and outside the house, those who have to travel far, can go by their car. However, it will be mandatory for everyone to wear a mask during this time. Johnson has clearly indicated that restrictions can be increased if matters escalate.

Johnson said that ‘the government is under pressure to come up with a strategy to come out of the lockdown. In the UK itself, there have been 32 thousand deaths due to Corona. Britain is now only behind the US in terms of deaths and the cases are highest in Europe.’ This is why Boris Johnson said that it would be a madness to ruin what the people have sacrificed in the lockdown. Johnson further stated that ‘Britain has been at level four the whole time. After careful action, we can reach level three.’ Johnson has clearly indicated that restrictions can be increased if the case increases.

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