Lohgad Fort | Precautionary Steps Taken to Improve Visitor Experience at Lohgad Fort


Lonavala : Lohgad Fort | The police, archaeology, and forest departments have taken action following the recent plight of tourists and the delicate situation that unfolded at Lohgad Fort. Measures are being planned and instructions have been issued to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.


After conducting inspections between Karla and Lohgad, an action plan has been devised to control the crowd and address traffic congestion. Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Police, IPS Satyasai Karthik of Lonavala Sub-division, Inspector of Police of Lonavala Rural Kishore Dhumal, and other officials from the Archaeology Department were present during the inspection. Decisions have been made to tackle the weekend traffic jam, including the removal of encroachments, no parking zones near tourist spots, and the installation of diversion boards. Village panchayats have been instructed to take necessary measures such as installing barriers and CCTV cameras to manage traffic.


To alleviate traffic congestion, vehicles coming from the Malvali side will be diverted to the main highway from Karla village, while traffic from Bhaje village will be redirected via Deole village. In order to ensure safety and facilitate a smooth flow of vehicles, police personnel will be appointed on both sides of the narrow bridge between Karla and Malvali. The Archaeology Department has installed LEDs to provide information about the crowd at Lohgad fort, and steps are being taken to repair broken steps and enhance security measures.


The authorities are urging tourists to follow the instructions provided by the police and consider alternative routes when returning from Lohgad. The surge in tourist arrivals in Karla, Malvali, Bhaje, and other nearby areas during the monsoon season has led to challenges in maintaining law and order. The police administration is implementing various measures to address these issues and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors.


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