Maharashtra Crime News | Nanded shocked as wives of two professionals commit suicides in separate incidents
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Nanded : Policenama online Maharashtra Crime News | Two women from highly educated and prestigious families committed suicides in Nanded in two separate incidents. One is the wife of a doctor while another woman is the wife of a lawyer.


These suicides on the same day shocked citizens of Nanded as both women hanged themselves at their respective residences. One suicide happened at Vivek Nagar, where Adv Gajanan Jinorkar stays with his family at his own residence. His wife Shilpa was found hanging to the ceiling of the bathroom on Saturday. Since his son had birthday, other family members were busy preparing for the celebration. Meanwhile, Shilpa ended life in the bathroom.


The police recovered a suicide note, whose content they declined to reveal. Later, Adv Jinorkar was arrested after Shilpa’s brother lodged a complaint with the police. The complaint stated that Shilpa’s in-laws were torturing her to bring money from her parents. The Bhagya Nagar police arrested her lawyer husband. They are investigating the case.


In the second case, renowned dermatologist Arjun Mapare’s daughter-in-law ended life in the posh locality of Shivaji Nagar. Her husband and dentist Dr Sagar Mapare stays with his family in Wadia Factory locality. His wife served lunch to her children and went to her room. Her children knocked on the door as she did not come out for a long time. However, she did not respond. Later, their house maid looked into the window of the room and found her hanging to the ceiling. However, the reason behind her murder could not be known immediately.


Both suicide victims are from prestigious families. Shilpa Jinorkar (32) has a son. Anupa Mapare (35) has two children. Both victims were well educated.


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