A 49-year-old police inspector from the Maharashtra Police Academy, Dwarka Vishwanath Doke, has made history by becoming the first woman officer in the Maharashtra Police Force to climb Mount Everest. This extraordinary accomplishment has received widespread acclaim across the state.

Inspector Dwarka Doke, hailing from Kesapur in Ahmednagar district, currently serves as an Assistant Director at the academy in Nashik. Her fascination with Everest began in 2022, and she committed herself to the climb in memory of her late parents.

On March 24, 2024, she set off for Kathmandu under the guidance of Lakpa Sherpa, with Pasang Sherpa accompanying her throughout the expedition. The climb from Everest Base Camp commenced on May 17, and she successfully reached the summit at 4:10 AM on May 22. At the peak, she proudly unfurled the Indian national flag and the flag of the Maharashtra Police Force, singing the National Anthem and honoring her parents with their photograph.

Inspector Doke’s achievement has been celebrated widely, marking a significant milestone for the Maharashtra Police Force and inspiring many with her dedication and perseverance.

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