Pune Crime News | Man beats cops, tries to set motorcycle on fire saying, "I am a close associate of Mangesh Kadam. I will show you"
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Pune : Policenama onlinePune Crime News | A man tried to set his bike on fire and when cops opposed him, he beat them with a pipe. He threatened them saying ‘I am Mangesh Kadam’s close associate, I will show you, I will not leave you, I will kill you’. The police have arrested him. (Pune Crime News)


The arrested accused has been identified as Vaibhav Balasaheb Ikkar (22) from Haveli.


Police constable Vilas Pradhan (39) from Kolhewadi has lodged a complaint at the Haveli Police Station. The incident took place near the Akhil Kolhewadi Shiv Jayanti Utsav Mandal at 8:15 pm on February 19.


According to the police, policemen Pradhan and Mundhe were patrolling at Kolhewadi on the occasion of Shiv Jayanti. Vaibhav came there on a motorcycle while the function of the Kolhewadi Shiv Jayanti Utsav Mandal was going on. He raced the motorcycle with great enthusiasm. People gathered for the programme got scattered. The police tried to stop him. He threw down his motorcycle shouting loudly, “Don’t you know who I am?”


“Now, I will burn this bike in front of you,” saying this, he tried to burn the motorcycle. So as not to endanger the people of the programme, while he was being detained by the police, his mother came and grabbed the policeman’s jerkin, saying “Vaibhya, don’t leave the police, kill them”. Vaibhav picked up the pipe and beat the police. However, Mundhe caught him. Then he abused me and said, “I will not leave you. I will kill you. I am a close associate of Mangesh Kadam.” He threatened the policeman saying, ‘I will show you’. Both the policemen were injured in this. The police have arrested Vaibhav Ikkar.



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