Man trying to clear driving theory test for 17 years fails record 192nd time


Whenever you get out of any vehicle on the road, according to the government rules, you must have a driving license. Even if you know how to ride a car or bike, it is still necessary to have DL. However, in our country many times people get a license through an agent without giving any exams, but in other countries, it is not possible, you get a license only after passing the practical test.

But a 50-year-old man from Poland has appeared for driving theory tests a record 192 times and has still not been cleared however, he did not give up and despite failing repeatedly, he is giving one test after another. This person has been learning to drive a car driving continuously for the last 17 years and now he has made a record of failing by giving 192nd test.

However, this is not the first time that someone has failed in DL test so many times, even before such cases have been reported. According to the TVP report, a man in Poland tried 40 times to pass the driving test.  Similarly, a person had to give 113 passes to get a driving license. A 48-year-old woman of the same country made the 93rd attempt and she passed in the 94th exam.

The unnamed male driver from England finally succeeded in passing his theory test at the 158th time. He spent (Rs 3 lakh) in a bid to pass the exam again and again.

Statistics released by the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency revealed that the country’s second-biggest failure is a woman in her 30s, who has taken the theory test 117 times and has not passed it yet.

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