KirtiVardhan Singh | Member of Parliament lok Sabha KirtiVardhan Singh sets a new National record in Powered hang gliding
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Delhi : KirtiVardhan Singh | Aero club of India organised National Aero modelling fellowship program at Pinjore airport, Haryana where the daredevil member of parliament Shri KirtiVardhan Singh has set a new National record by dropping India’s famous Ace woman skydiver Padmashri Shital Mahajan from his powered hang glider from highest altitude of 5200ft. (KirtiVardhan Singh)


This is the first time in India that an Indian women skydiver has jumped from powered hang glider with the pilot being an active lok sabha member of parliament.


The daredevil duo performed 2 parachute drops from 5200 feet and 4200 feet and one parachute drop from 4100 feet on 8th and 9th April respectively from powered hang glider.


The aero modelling fellowship program was organised by Aero club of India which represent Federation of Aeronautical Internationale in India.


FAI, being recognised by Olympic association, acts as a governing body by controlling regulations of Aero sports of the World and conducts World Championship and World cups of Aero sports like skydiving and parachuting and 14 more Aero sports of the World.


The event witnessed many aero modelling enthusiasts and experienced aero model from all across the country who performed and showcased their amazing arrow modelling skills to all the spectators.


Haryana institute of civil Aviation at Pinjore was instrumental in provision of all necessary clearances and assistance for the successful conduct of the event.


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