Mumbai Local Updates | Rs 3 crore recovered from passengers in Mumbai local in three months


Mumbai : Policenama – Due to corona and lockdown, common passengers are prohibited from traveling in Mumbai local (Mumbai Local Updates). But the number of people travelling without tickets or with fake ID is in lakhs. In the last three months, the Railways has recovered Rs 3 crore from more than 92 thousand such passengers as fine for travelling without tickets and carrying fake IDs (Mumbai Local Updates). Common Mumbaikars are suffering between the strictness being taken by the railway administration and the ban on local travel (Mumbai Local Updates) by the state government on common passengers. The longer the closure of the Mumbai local is dragging on, the more life is getting derailed for the common commuters. (Mumbai Local Updates)

90 percent of ferries of Mumbai suburban locals have started. But all these are only for the employees associated with the essential services. If a common passenger goes through the roads, then he gets stuck in a traffic jam, or gets stuck in the overcrowding of the bus and if he goes by auto-taxi, then he is unable to bear the burden of expenses. This is the reason why many common Mumbaikars travel without tickets or bring some fake ID card to be connected to essential services from somewhere. But now strictness has been increased by the railway administration on such passengers.

Action has been taken on 28910 passengers in the month of April, 32907 in the month of May and 30,346 in the month of June. The highest penalty has been collected in the month of May. 1.18 crore has been recovered in the month of May. In the month of April, Rs 1.04 crore was recovered from the common passengers and Rs 1.09 crore in the month of June as penalty. This information has been given by the Public Relations Department of Central Railway. Apart from this, Rs 15 lakh was recovered by the Disaster Management Department from those who broke the rules and Rs 2.92 lakh from those who traveled without masks.

At present, strict restrictions remain in force in Mumbai metropolitan areas. Therefore, right now, it seems that Mumbai local is not going to start for the common passengers. In the case of corona vaccination, Maharashtra, including Mumbai, remains at number one across the country. In such a situation, there is a demand of common passengers that Mumbai local should be started soon. But the fear of a third wave is stopping the state government and BMC from taking decisions.

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