Mumbai Police | Mumbai Police to Recruit 3000 Contract Policemen to Tackle Manpower Shortage


Mumbai: Mumbai Police | In a groundbreaking move, the Home Department has taken a significant decision to recruit 3000 contract policemen in the Mumbai Police Force. The recruitment process will be facilitated through the State Security Corporation on a contractual basis, with a maximum period of 11 months. This decision comes in response to the severe shortage of manpower in the Mumbai Police, which has been affecting day-to-day operations and posing challenges in ensuring public safety.

The acute shortage of police personnel has become a pressing concern for the Mumbai Police Force, with 10,000 posts remaining vacant out of the sanctioned 40,623 posts, ranging from Constables to Assistant Inspectors. The dearth of manpower has been exacerbated by the need for additional security arrangements during festivals and events like Dahihandi, Ganeshotsav, Navratri, Ramzan, and Diwali, as well as the critical task of protecting political leaders.

As per the request of the Commissioner of Police, the Home Department has approved the recruitment of contract policemen to address the immediate need for manpower. The recruitment process will be conducted on a contractual basis for a maximum term of 11 months, with the objective of ensuring operational efficiency and effective law enforcement.

While contract recruitment has stirred controversy in the state government services, the decision to introduce contract policemen in the Mumbai Police Force highlights the administration’s commitment to finding innovative solutions to pressing challenges.

The need for contract recruitment arises from the longer timeline for regular recruitment and training processes. In January 2021, the state government approved the recruitment of 7,076 constables and 994 drivers, but it will take approximately two years for these personnel to be inducted and fully operational. To bridge the manpower gap during this interim period, the appointment of contract policemen for 11 months becomes crucial.

Furthermore, the recent transfers of thousands of policemen outside of Mumbai, authorized during Sanjay Pandey’s tenure as the Commissioner of Police, have further exacerbated the manpower shortage. While many of these officers are eager to rejoin their duties in Mumbai, the current situation has posed challenges in facilitating their return.

With the introduction of contract policemen, the Mumbai Police Force aims to bolster its ranks, enhance operational efficiency, and strengthen its capacity to serve and protect the citizens of Mumbai. The decision marks a significant step in meeting the immediate demand for manpower and reinforcing the force’s ability to handle diverse security challenges effectively.

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