Nandurbar Police | Nandurbar Police and Local Citizens Join Forces to Clear Chandsaili Ghat


Nandurbar Police | Chandsaili Ghat, a crucial road connecting Taloda and Dhadgaon villages in Nandurbar district, has long been plagued by recurring landslides during the monsoon season. The resulting traffic jams and disruptions have posed significant challenges for residents and commuters. However, in a heartening display of community collaboration, the Nandurbar district police force, along with students and local citizens, recently came together to clear a stretch of the ghat road.


As the rainy season arrived in June, the path through Chandsaili Ghat collapsed, severing vital connections between the villages of Dhadgaon and Taloda from the district and disrupting daily life. These landslides have not only caused inconvenience but also put lives at risk. Just a few days ago, heavy rain led to a complete halt of traffic as large stones blocked the road along Chandsaili Ghat.


Recognizing the hardships faced by citizens, farmers, and students due to the ghat’s closure, Superintendent of Police P.R. Patil took the initiative to organize a Shramdaan Activity. Police officers, personnel from Akkalkuwa sub-division and Local Crime Branch (LCB), and students from Kothar village area responded to his appeal and volunteered their labor. On the 4th of July, a group of around 150 to 200 people, including students, home guard personnel, citizens, and 100 police officers, cleared a 9 to 10-kilometer stretch of the Ghatra road from Doorkshetra to Chandsaili.


During the collective effort, stones and rocks obstructing the road were removed, cracks were filled, and soil was used to repair the broken sections. Senior police officers, including Superintendent P.R. Patil himself, actively participated in shoveling soil into potholes along the road. The sight of the ghat slowly being cleared brought a sense of relief to everyone involved.


To further enhance the environment, students from the Scout Guide program planted seeds from their seed bank, while police officers and personnel joined in by planting trees in the ghat area. The labor donation program saw a significant turnout of school students, teachers, and citizens, with Superintendent P.R. Patil expressing his heartfelt gratitude to all participants.


This collaborative effort between the Nandurbar district police force, local citizens, and students showcases the power of community engagement and the commitment to overcoming challenges together. By working hand in hand, they have made significant progress in clearing Chandsaili Ghat, ensuring safer and smoother journeys for residents and commuters.


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