Nawab Malik | Minister Nawab Malik demands arrest of Kalicharan Maharaj for criticising Mahatma Gandhi


Mumbai : Policenama onlineNawab Malik, Maharashtra Minister for Minority Development, has slammed religious leader Kalicharan Maharaj for his remarks against Mahatma Gandhi and demanded his arrest.


Kalicharan Maharaj, during his speech at the Dharam Sansad in Raipur in Chhattisgarh, made inappropriate remarks against the father of the nation and praised Mahatma Gandhi’s killers.


The video of Kalicharan Maharaj went viral on social media kicking up a storm. Netizens heavily came down on Kalicharan Maharaj for his derogatory remarks against Mahatma Gandhi. Nationalist Congress Party leader Nawab Malik said Kalicharan Maharaj was a fraudulent religious leader from Akola and he should be arrested.


“Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of truth and non-violence has been accepted by the whole world. But Kalicharan baba has criticised him. Ideologies should be countered with ideologies if you disagree. Insulting the person is not acceptable. He should be declared a traitor and put behind bars. We will not tolerate the insult of Mahatma Gandhi,” said Malik.


However, BJP leader Sudhir Mungantiwar said Malik should apologise as his government has not taken any action even after the derogatory remarks against Mahatma Gandhi. Why didn’t the Maharashtra government arrest the person, he questioned.


The Chhattisgarh police have registered a case against Kalicharan Maharaj. The FIR says his remarks promoted enmity between communities.

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