No split in opposition over Adani Group issue, says MP Supriya Sule


MUMBAI : Policenama online MP Supriya Sule | After the Hindenburg report came out, the opposition parties have adopted an aggressive stand against the Adani Group. But NCP Chief Sharad Pawar has presented a different point of view. Pawar said that the Adani Group was being targeted and opposed the setting up a JPC on the issue. This has led to speculation that there is a split in opposition parties. (MP Supriya Sule)


When NCP MP Supriya Sule was asked about this, she said this is not an issue which will lead to a split in the opposition.
No business took place for many days as there was a pandemonium over the opposition’s demand of setting up a JPC to examine the issues raised by the Hindenburg report. After the impact was felt in the stock market, the Supreme Court has set up a panel led by a retired chief justice to conduct a probe on the issue. “It is not correct to demand setting up a JPC. There was chaos everywhere and the country’s economy had to pay a price,” said Sharad Pawar.


Supriya Sule was asked whether there was a split in the opposition on the views presented by Sharad Pawar. She said, “This is not an issue which will lead to a split in the opposition. There are no differences on the issues of inflation, unemployment and onion prices. We should understand how much importance should be given to various issues. A probe is going on about the Adanis. Today, the price of milk is important for all? Isn’t it? If milk is imported, the farmers will suffer. Can the farmers afford this? As it is farmers are committing suicide in the state. Sharad Pawar immediately wrote a letter to the Union minister after reading news about milk imports.”


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