Opting for sologamy: A girl in America married herself


NEW DELHI: Same-sex marriage is no longer a taboo as many from LGBTQ community are embracing the culture.

However, a woman in America went a step ahead and embraced sologamy.

Sologamy is marriage by a person to themselves.

Meg Taylor Morrison, from Atlanta, Georgia ended her relationship with her boyfriend and married herself and after the marriage, the woman kissed herself with the help of a mirror.

She decided to go ahead with her wedding, which took place in Denver, Colorado, as an ‘act of self-love’

The girl wanted to marry her boyfriend but she broke up with him in June 2020 because of which the girl celebrated her marriage in a different way for which she ordered cake and dress of her choice and she also purchased a diamond ring for herself.

The 35-year-old married herself in a formal ceremony. She said she decided to go ahead with her plan as she wanted to move away from the idea of pleasing other people.

Though she wasn’t fully comfortable with the idea as friends and family viewed her actions as narcissistic, she still went ahead with it.

The ceremony. held at an Airbnb in Colorado, was attended by Meg’s closest friends and family members.

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