Pankhuri Shrivastava | Businesswoman Pankhuri Shrivastava dies at 32; her last tweet goes viral


Mumbai : Policenama online  – The Founder of rental start-up Grabhouse, Pankhuri Shrivastava, passed away on December 24 at the age of 32 after a heart attack. The death of Pankhuri, who had started her business venture at a very young age, has shocked her family members and relatives. Her last post on social media before her death has gone viral.


Pankhuri had started rental start-up Grabhouse in 2012 which was purchased by Quikr in 2016. Later, she launched Pankhuri, a social community platform focusing on women.


She had earned her name in the business community at a young age. She had shared a post on Twitter on December 23. She had said in her post, “Is it just me or has it become really hard to evaluate a candidate’s potential in 1 hour interview. All seem to have the read the same articles, know the same hacks from companies that are doing well and almost talk the same language! Are ref checks the only way?”