Pebble founder launches ‘Beeper’ that brings all messaging apps together in one place


Beeper is a newly launched platform that brings all messaging apps together in one place. This app has been developed by Eric Migicovsky, the founder of Pebble smartwatches. Beeper acts as a center for 15 major messaging apps including WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Slack, Messenger, SMS, Skype, Discord, IRC, Twitter DMs, Apple iMessage and Google Hangouts.

Beeper app allows users to respond to messages on all these apps within Beeper itself. The new App costs $10 (approximately Rs 730) per month and the most interesting thing about it is that users can also use iMessage on Android devices.

Earlier, this app was known as NovaChat and works on all platforms including Android, Windows, MAC, Linux, and iOS. The Beeper app uses ‘Matrix’ through which the messages of WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and others are connected. Matrix is an open-source federated messaging protocol and acts as a bridge for each messaging service.

In terms of encryption, Beeper encrypts all messages on the client before they reach the company’s servers and they cannot decrypt contents of any message

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