New Delhi: Pfizer claims that its vaccine against coronavirus is 90 percent effective. When Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE complete the covid-19 vaccine, the second phase will be carried out by Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Company. The company will distribute the vaccine through a complex and expensive system through Deep Freeze Airport warehouses, refrigerated vehicles and vaccination centers in China. According to the Times of India, these shots will have to be kept at -70 degrees Celsius after reaching the vaccination centers and if they are not damaged, they will have to be given to the people within 5 days.

This roadmap has been prepared by a licensed company for Greater China. It gives a glimpse of how challenging logistics will have to be prepared for the delivery of vaccines developed by Pfizer on an experimental basis. This vaccine is very effective in the third stage. About a year after the onset of the epidemic, it is likely to find a solution and end it. So far no vaccine based on RNA technology has been developed. This produces proteins in the human body which then develop protective antibodies.

Will this vaccine be available only to rich countries?
This means that countries must build deep-freeze production, storage and transportation networks for vaccines to survive. This requires a great deal of investment and coordination, but it also shows that the vaccine can only be distributed to rich countries, and only to their urban populations.

Ding Sheng, director of the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute in Beijing, which receives financial support from the Melinda Gates Foundation, said:

Everyone fears that rich countries will already get the best vaccine because of the cost of Pfizer shots. Along with the World Health Organization-backed COVAX, it aims to raise 18 18 billion dollars to buy vaccines for poor countries.

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