Pimpri Chinchwad Police Nab Fraudster Impersonating Industrialist’s Son in Extortion Scheme


Pimpri Chinchwad : The Nigdi police have apprehended a suspect accused of extorting a woman under the guise of a false identity and seized 34 tola gold ornaments from him. Investigations into the accused revealed a pattern of fraudulent activities, including a notable case where he allegedly defrauded a woman from Navi Mumbai of Rs. 93 lakh by impersonating a member of the prestigious Malpani family.

The arrested individual has been identified as Suraj Laxman Parmar, also known by aliases such as Suraj Jain, Suresh Bhivashi Kadam, and Drish Malpani, aged 28 and currently residing in Pune. The modus operandi of the accused involved befriending women on social media platforms, where he posed as the scion of the affluent Malpani family.

In one instance, the suspect coerced a woman from the Nigdi area into meeting him and taking photographs together. Subsequently, he threatened to morph the images offensively and circulate them on social media if the victim did not comply with his demands. Additionally, the accused forcibly acquired 34 tola gold ornaments from the victim on multiple occasions, further leveraging intimidation tactics.

Upon refusal by the victim to surrender additional jewellery, the accused resorted to coercive measures by obtaining her Facebook password and maliciously tarnishing her online reputation. Swift action by the victim in lodging a complaint led to the apprehension of the suspect by law enforcement authorities.

Further investigation into the accused’s activities uncovered a history of similar fraudulent schemes, including the aforementioned case in Navi Mumbai and another incident in Solapur, where he allegedly drove a woman to the brink of suicide. Authorities suspect that the accused may have cheated multiple individuals through various social media platforms.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Swapna Gore has urged potential victims of such scams to come forward and report their experiences to the Nigdi Police Station, ensuring confidentiality in handling their cases.

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