Pimpri Chinchwad Water Supply | Half the Water Storage: Pavana Dam's Dwindling Resources Cause Concern in Pimpri-Chinchwad
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Pimpri Chinchwad Water Supply | Pimpri-Chinchwad city, heavily reliant on Pavana Dam for its water supply, is facing a concerning situation as the dam’s water storage has reached only half of last year’s levels. Currently, the dam holds a mere 33.43 percent of its total capacity, in stark contrast to the 62.91 percent storage available on the same date last year.


Residents of Pimpri-Chinchwad had enjoyed a sense of security with the abundant water storage of 62.91 percent in Pavana Dam last year. However, the situation this year is quite different, as the water storage has not even crossed the halfway mark despite the passing of July. This has raised concerns among the city’s inhabitants.


Reports indicate that the water storage in Pavana Dam has increased by 15.53 percent since June 1. Furthermore, the dam area has received 736 mm of rainfall this year, surpassing the 660 mm recorded at the same time last year.


Nevertheless, the current water storage of 33.43 percent is a cause for worry, especially when compared to last year’s levels. This signifies a significant decrease in available water resources, raising questions about the adequacy of the water supply in the coming months.


Since June 1, the area has experienced rainfall totaling 336 mm, highlighting the ongoing monsoon season’s contribution to the water resources



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