PM Modi Visit Pune | Pune Gears Up with Stringent Security Measures Ahead of PM Modi's Visit
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Pune: PM Modi Visit Pune | As Pune prepares to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 1 for a significant event – accepting the prestigious Lokmanya Tilak Award and inaugurating various city development projects – the Pune City Police are leaving no stone unturned to ensure a smooth and secure visit. Among the stringent security measures, one notable restriction stands out – the complete prohibition of drone usage in the city during a specified period.

The Pune City Police, have announced the issuance of prohibitory orders, banning all drone operations from July 30 to August 2. The decision comes as a precautionary measure to prevent any potential security threats and ensure the safety of the Prime Minister and the public during his visit.

The use of drones, though popular for various applications like photography, videography, and surveillance, can pose a security risk when deployed in sensitive areas or during important events. The temporary ban aims to control the airspace and eliminate any potential risk of unauthorized drone flights that could compromise the security arrangements.

As per the official announcement, any individual or organization found in violation of the drone ban will face severe consequences under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Local authorities are leaving no room for leniency and are urging residents, visitors, and drone enthusiasts to comply with the temporary restriction. The police have also advised the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious drone activity during the specified period.

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