PMP Bus | Pune’s Commuter Convenience: Introducing the Bus Bay at Shivajinagar


Pune : PMP Bus | In a bid to improve connectivity and provide convenience to passengers, the metro administration in Pune is set to launch a new bus bay for the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMP). Located at Shivajinagar metro station, this bus bay will serve as a hub for PMP buses, facilitating easy travel to South and East Pune.


The bus bay will not only accommodate feeder services but will also accommodate larger PMP buses, providing greater convenience to passengers. The PMP administration has begun planning for this initiative, and the bus service will commence once the metro service is operational.


Additionally, the metro route has been extended up to Ruby Hall, and passenger service to this location will soon be launched. Whether passengers are alighting from the metro or starting their journey, having PMP bus services available at the station will be essential.


Preparations for the launch of the bus bay are underway, with the PMP administration deciding to initiate a feeder service from Garware College. A seven-meter bus will be required for this purpose. However, starting the passenger service from the Shivajinagar Court Room bus bay will not necessitate a seven-meter bus. Instead, 9 and 12-meter buses will be used, with a 12-meter air-conditioned bus designated for the Shivajinagar bus bay.


The opening of the bus bay at Shivajinagar will also result in a change for PMP routes currently operating from Surya Hospital near Shaniwar Wada. These routes will be redirected to the new bus bay, which is expected to alleviate traffic congestion in the area. This transition is anticipated to occur within the next one to one and a half months.


The new bus bay at Shivajinagar will serve buses on at least ten routes, utilizing a minimum of 25 buses. The PMP estimates that there will be over 100 bus trips per day, catering to a significant number of passengers. As a result, the PMP expects an increase in the number of people traveling by PMP buses, which is likely to boost passenger income.


The PMPML Chief Transport Manager, Satish Gavane, expressed satisfaction with the upcoming facility, emphasizing the convenience it will provide to passengers. The PMPML has also requested a charging station from the metro administration to further enhance the services at the bus bay.


With the new bus bay at Shivajinagar Metro Station, Pune residents can look forward to improved connectivity and smoother travel experiences throughout the city.


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