Praful Patel | Rolling Up the Car Windows: Praful Patel's Silent Message
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Praful Patel | NCP Working President Praful Patel found himself at the center of attention during the recent oath ceremony at Raj Bhavan in Maharashtra. The ceremony marked the surprising alliance between Ajit Pawar and eight other NCP MLAs with the NDA Maharashtra Government. As media personnel approached Patel for a statement, his response raised eyebrows and left many speculating about the internal dynamics within the NCP.


When asked about the decision to join hands with the NDA and the perceived act of “ditching the party and Sharad Pawar,” Patel’s reaction was captured on camera. He was purportedly seen rolling up the windows of his car, opting not to respond directly to the question. This gesture added an air of mystery and intrigue to the situation, leaving observers and party members curious about the underlying motivations behind the political maneuver.


The unexpected turn of events at the oath ceremony sparked a wave of speculation and analysis in political circles. Some interpreted Patel’s response as a deliberate attempt to avoid commenting on the sensitive matter, while others saw it as a symbolic gesture that spoke volumes about the internal dynamics within the NCP.


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