Pune: ACP Ashok Dhumal’s 15-Day Battle Ends in Tragedy; Dhumal Died on Monday Night After Falling Injury


Pune: Assistant Commissioner of Police Ashok Dhumal, who was seriously injured after falling from a building, breathed his last on Monday night. He was being treated in the intensive care unit for the last 15 days.

Dhumal was a dedicated police officer and was originally from the Satara district. After joining the service early in his career, Dhumal served in various cities in the state. He had a great stint while working as a senior police inspector at Paud Police Station in the Pune Rural Police Force.

Last year, Dhumal was promoted and transferred as Assistant Commissioner of Police in the Pune City Police Force. He was entrusted with the charge of Faraskhana Police Station. Dhumal has played a major role in unravelling many big crimes within the city limits.

On the morning of January 15, Dhumal slipped and fell from the third floor of his house. In this, he received a serious injury to his leg. As he was also suffering from high blood pressure, his body system was not supporting the treatment effectively. He died yesterday night while undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit.

ACP Dhumal’s sudden passing marks a profound loss for the city police force.

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