Pune Air Pollution: Pune Municipal Corporation Initiates Innovative Measures To Tackle Rising Air Pollution


Pune: Policenama online – In response to the alarming surge in air pollution, the Pune Municipal Corporation is taking decisive steps to curb environmental hazards. As per the directives of the State Pollution Control Board, notices have been sent to construction professionals outlining stringent measures to mitigate dust pollution at construction sites. Simultaneously, the municipality is gearing up to introduce mist-based fountains in congested squares, commencing with 25 fountains in 17 chowks in the initial phase.

Over the past few months, escalating air pollution, fuelled by vehicular emissions and construction site dust, has led to a spike in respiratory disorders. The gravity of the situation mirrors the hazardous air quality levels experienced in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune. Responding to the severity of the issue, the State Pollution Control Corporation, under the central government’s mandate, has issued guidelines aimed at reducing pollution levels.

In adherence to these guidelines, the Pune Municipal Corporation has devised a comprehensive set of measures. Dedicated teams of officials have been formed to monitor the implementation of these guidelines, with letters dispatched to construction professionals and metro administration seeking compliance with municipal directives. Mangesh Dighe, Head of the Environment Department at the Municipal Corporation, emphasised the importance of adhering to these guidelines for the well-being of the city’s residents.

As part of the innovative approach to combating pollution, mist-based fountains are set to grace the traffic-heavy intersections in the city. The first phase of this initiative involves the establishment of 25 fountains across 17 chowks, funded by the 15th Finance Commission.

These fountains, positioned on 15-foot-high poles within the squares, will disperse a fog-like mist, enhancing humidity levels and substantially reducing dust particle issues. Notably, these fountains will be non-operational during nights and rainy weather. Dighe highlighted that these aesthetically pleasing fountains serve a dual purpose—beautifying the squares while effectively contributing to pollution reduction.

The list of chowks slated to host these mist-based fountains includes prominent locations such as Jedhe Chowk, Swargate, Nal Stop, Simla Office Chowk, Pune Railway Station, Ganesh Khind, Marketyard Junction, Katraj, Kharadi Reliance Chowk, Chandni Chowk, Warje, Bremen Chowk, Mahamadwadi, Sarasbagh, Deccan Chowk, the opposite Pashankar Showroom on Jungli Maharaj Road, Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, and Sancheti Bridge.

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