Pune: In a recent gathering of office bearers from Bhor, Velhe, and Mulshi talukas, Ajit Pawar launched a scathing critique against Supriya Sule, accusing her of taking credit for development work he had undertaken. Pawar, known for his straightforward demeanour, didn’t mince words as he addressed the crowd, expressing his commitment to bring MIDC to the Ambegaon area.

Ajit Pawar said that his developmental efforts, particularly in building structures in Baramati, had been published by Sule in her campaign books. He pointed out the disparity between the credit claimed by Sule and the actual groundwork laid by himself, asserting, “It is currently being shown that she has done all these works. But the fact is, I have built all the buildings in Baramati. But her photo is seen in the books.”

Asserting the need for tangible action over mere rhetoric, Pawar emphasised, “If you have done these things, show what you did in Bhor, Velhe, and Mulshi taluka. You can’t just make speeches. Speeches will not fill the stomachs of the people; MPs have to act.”

Addressing the people, Ajit Pawar highlighted the demand for job reservations in Bhor, Velhe, and Mulshi talukas, questioning the disparity in opportunities between these regions and others like Baramati, Indapur, and Daund. He pledged to address this disparity through focused developmental efforts in the Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency, urging voters to support the candidate symbolised by the clock.

Taking a swipe at the previous MP’s approach, Pawar criticised that earlier MP’s used to oppose Modi, but the new MP will assist Modi and will do the development of the area. He accused past MPs of causing harm to voters by opposing Modi’s initiatives, suggesting a shift towards collaboration for mutual benefit.

Pawar also challenged the promises made by opponents regarding industrial growth in Bhor-Velhe, questioning their failure to deliver on their commitments thus far. He implored voters to press the buttons in EVM’s thoughtfully, emphasising his track record of genuine commitment to development. He said, “I have experience of developmental works. Even if I go to bed at one in the night, I start work at six in the morning. I don’t shoot in the clouds; I don’t lie.”

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